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About the Contract With Springfield.

Kristi believes these simple ideas will move our city forward.  We a need problem solver to lead our city and to get back to the basics of what we should be doing as a local government.

  • Transparency.  City government is the people’s government. Too often the way the city operates has been hidden from the people.  In sight government makes for clean government.  If it cannot be justified to the citizens, it likely is not justifiable for tax dollar use. Council Chamber at City Hall will be renamed Citizens Chamber to remind all for whom the city works.

  • Decrease Crime.  We will take our streets back and make our community safe by investing in and supporting our Police Officers. Keeping the best and most highly trained police officers will pay safety and economic dividends for the entire community.

  • Safety.  Making sure our property and families are safe is a critical mission of any city and that is why we will support the Springfield Firefighters to make sure we have the best trained and properly equipped fire department.

  • Jobs.  Financial independence and opportunity begin with a good job. That’s why we will cut needless red tape and regulations for employers so we can grow and keep jobs in the city. By growing opportunity and jobs, we create an environment that directly combats poverty.  Poverty is defeated by growing economic independence, not dependence.

  • StreetsWell maintained streets and avenues must be a priority of every well run city for the safety and convenience of its residents and for economic growth. Every pothole that remains unfixed is a symbol of the failure of a city to set the right priorities and to be a good steward of tax dollars.

  • Eliminating waste and increase efficiency.  Every city tax dollar must be held accountable for the good it produces for the citizens. That means eliminating waste and duplication of services. It means keeping the city operations lean, taxes low and efficiency high.

  • Jail.  We will stop the needless and nonproductive drain of taxpayer dollars from lawsuits like the one between the county and the city on the jail. A new and completely open to the public discussion of how the city and county can work together for the benefit of all is the first step to winning a long term solution to the jail problem and to finding ways that the city and county can work together to grow an environment of success and safety.

  • Pension.  The city has made a commitment to the men and women who have and are putting their lives on the line for us. We must honor that commitment by fully funding the police and fire pension funds.

  • Panhandling.  Citizens are worried about prolific and aggressive panhandling.  We need to find humane solutions to deal with this issue and reinstitute our panhandling ordinance.  I was the only vote on council to keep our panhandling ordinance.

  • In God We Trust can be displayed on our coins and it can and should be displayed in the Citizens Chamber at City Hall.  This phrase was adopted as the national motto almost unanimously by Congress.

Meet Kristi Fulnecky.

Kristi Fulnecky is a small business owner and attorney. The firm specializes in construction management, management consulting, technical writing, and government compliance. The company was founded in 2008 by Kristi Fulnecky when she saw the need to help companies do business with the government. As a small business owner, Kristi understands the issues facing businesses.

Prior to founding Fulnecky Enterprises, Kristi managed her own law firm, worked for the U.S. Congress, and served as an attorney at the U.S. Department of the Interior in Washington D.C. She also worked as a technical writer for defense contractors supporting the U.S. Department of the Navy, and was employed as a consultant by a company owned by a former Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Kristi is licensed to practice law in both Missouri and Washington D.C.

Kristi received her undergraduate degree from the University of Missouri-Columbia. Her first year of law school, she attended Washington College of Law, American University, Washington, DC, and graduated with her law degree from Indiana University-Bloomington Maurer School of Law.

Kristi is a current board member of the Mercy Health Foundation. She has served as Chair of Boys and Girls Town’s Child Abuse Prevention Month, and has served on the Springfield Symphony Orchestra’s Board of Directors. Kristi founded and chaired Springfield Symphony’s Gala and has been involved in other community organizations such as the Girl Scouts, American Heart Association, Springfield Catholic Schools, and Springfield Ballet. Kristi also served as an appointed member of the University of Missouri System’s MBE/WBE (Minority Business Enterprise/Woman Business Enterprise) Advisory Council and on Missouri State University’s Diversity Advisory Committee.

Recognized for her civic, professional, and personal accomplishments, she was a recipient of Springfield Business Journal’s 40 Under 40 Award, Class of 2008. Kristi was also honored for improving the Southwest Missouri business, civic, and philanthropic communities with the Springfield Business Journal’s 20 Most Influential Women Award, Class of 2009.

Kristi is an enrolled member of the Comanche Indian Tribe of Oklahoma. She has been married for 18 years to Eric, a physician at Mercy hospital.  They have six children.

Kristi’s understanding of the way small business works coupled with her experience and work ethic make her uniquely qualified to serve on City Council and lead our city as Mayor. Kristi was elected with 65% of the vote to General Seat C in April 2015.

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